Friday, February 29, 2008


Long lost friends

What a joy to see the Ortiz family after nearly 10 years. Instant playmates. We will never forget the memories made.

Finally on ground. Woo-Hoo

Finally on the ground half way around the world. Talk about a different place from Tennessee. As you are fly into the Katmandu valley, you notice a brown fog that seems to rest over the land. When we walked out of the airport people were everywhere. I know they were not, but it seemed like everyone was looking ( staring) at us. I'm not sure the looks came because there were 9 Westerners together or the amount of trunks we had that was being put on the top of the van( 14 trunks, 3 large bags plus our carryon lugguage)

Almost there

After arriving in Bangkok, Thailand, we spend the night at a very nice hotel that Thai Airways provided for us. The next morning we were off to Nepal for a 3 hour flight. Sarah told me we could just go on home from here, it already seemed like a great vacation. At this point we had only seen the inside of airports, planes, and a hotel. Caleb made friends where ever we went on this trip. Here are the first two.

In the air again.

Finally, on the plane, again. Being able to spread out made the next 19 hours of flying was little easier.

Inside Airports for a long time.

On our recent trip to Nepal, our starting point was Memphis, Tennessee. After a 4 hour flight we were stuck in LA at the airport for several hours. We missed our connecting flight to Bangkok, Thailand due to weather problems in Thailand. Because the problem was Thai airways and not ours we were given $15.00 food valchors for each our us. (9 total). We ate McDonald's(last hamburger for 3 weeks), ice cream cones for everyone, then snacks for the plane.