Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Liberty Baptist Fellowship, Medina, OH

Very impressive building at a prime location

Bro. Max Deffenbaugh, pastor, with my daughters

Caleb joining the others singing

Sunday morning, April 20, we presented our ministry at Liberty Baptist Fellowship in Medina, OH. The pastor, Bro. Max Deffenbaugh, was very nice and the Church folks were just great. We were and are very grateful for the kindness of this Church and Bro. Max.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

New Hope Baptist Church - Millington, TN

Last Sunday night we were at New Hope Baptist Church in Millington, TN. The pastor is Bro. Steven Mattinson. We had a wonderful time. This church and our goes to summer camp together so our children were able to catch up on friendships. Thank you church for making us feel so welcome. This was the first time to show our video to another church besides ours.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Prayer cards finally arrived!

Our prayer cards came it today. After many editing corrections the final product arrived at our door step this morning. We were all so excited. Thank you Lord.

Monday, April 7, 2008

"Hallelujah Square"

A highlight of the week was when this young man in the wheelchair sang, "Hallelujah square". It talks about he will not be crippled in Heaven. He sang it with such excitement and joy. Bro. Van Billingsly, the man standing beside him, testified was a blessing this young man had always been in his life.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

More Campmeeting Pictures!

Ms. Martha Crawford, she led a special ladies time during the week.

Bro. Lucien and Cathy Roussel

Caleb playing with other missionary kids

Bro. Mark Helzerman, Bro. John Scott Mick and our son Caleb

Anna and Bro. Van Billingsley. He calls Anna Velcro because she always sticks close by the preachers.

Daniel Roussel and Josh Latapie. Our son John is in the middle.

Playing around with friends, Josh, Kelly Pearsy, and Melanie Tackett

Special friends we just made. This young couple is Bro. Justin and Rachel Smith. My husband teased them all week about being such a happy couple. I pray we get to see them again.

Me with Ms. Cathy Roussel. She is holding Jonah Ragland. His parents are Bro. Jeremy and Erin Ragland.

My husband with Bro. Jeremy Ragland.

Recording CD

This week at campmeeting we also recorded a CD. The first one we have ever done. It was a lot of work and overwhelming at times but all in all it was a lot of fun. A special thank you to Bro. Tony Tackett who is putting it all together for us.
John playing guitar

The girls and Caleb singing for the CD

Caleb playing with Micah Ragland. The kids who stay outside on the trampoline when they were not needed inside.


We had a very wonderful week at Living Waters Youth Camp in Hayden, Alabama. It was campmeeting time. What a blessing to be around people who love God. It is always a joy to be at this place. God always moves in a mighty way.
Bro. Allen Jackson, Bro. Mike Ragland, and Bro. Jimmy Wallace

Prayer to end the services

Fellowship time in the Dining Hall

Dear frinds of ours from Milan, TN

Bro. Doug and Ms. Pat Powell, Glenda Evens

Caleb's friend, Bro. Ronnie Trenton.

Bro. Ronnie has loved Caleb for a long time. He has been a friend of our family for years.