Friday, June 20, 2008

Immanuel Baptist Church , Milan, TN

Sunday night, June 15, we were at Immanuel Baptist Church in Milan, TN. Our kids were very excited to go to this church. Our oldest son John is almost 17. Ever since he was 8 months old we have been coming to this church each year in April for their "There's Hope" Camp meeting. This year we were not able to go because we were at Missionary Training School in Spencer, OH. Bro. Doug and Mrs. Pat Powell, the pastor and his wife, are very special people to us. We love them very much. It was such a joy to be in services with them. Also, it was a blessing when the church took us on for support that very night. Praise the Lord.

Hillside Bible Baptist Church, Humbolt, TN

Sunday morning, June 15th, we were at Hillside Bible Baptist Church in Humbolt, TN. It is only about one hour from our house. We had a wonderful time. The pastor is Bro. Bill Aston. The fellowship was sweet. Also there were missionaries that we had just met a few weeks ago in Arkansas in the services. The Byrer's Family that are going to Canada. The link to their website is below.

New Beach Grove Baptist Church , Huron, TN

Sunday night June 8th, we were at New Beach Grove in Huron TN. We have always enjoyed going to this church. My husband has preached here several time. Bro. Jeremy Arnold is the pastor at New Beach Grove Baptist Church.

Bethlehem Baptist Church, Henderson, TN

Sunday morning, June 8th, before we left for camp, we went to Bethlehem Baptist Church in Henderson, TN. My husband was the associate pastor at BBC before God called him to pastor in Milledgeville. Bro. Mike Ulmer is the pastor. Him and his wife Lori are very dear friends of ours. We always enjoy spending time with them. The church also voted on the spot to take us on for support. What a blessing.

On the road again

We are getting ready to again for 2 weeks. Lots has gone on this week. We were home this week but 3 days we spent at Chad's Mom and Dad's house during the day. We have been helping them paint some rooms and move things around. When we get back in a few weeks we are going to move in with them. We will be getting our house ready to sell. Please pray for us as we make these changes.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Youth Camp pictures

Some of my favorite pictures of camp. We had a wonderful time. Mrs. Nina we missed you and Bro. Michael and the girls and Justice.

Our group on dress up night

Bro. Mike and Mrs. Debbie


Water day

Boys from Cornerstone Baptist Church in Texas
Kendell, John ( our son) , Patrick, and Joe

Ashley, Brittany , and Anna ( our daughter)

Kendell and John

taking a water break after sack race

Josh, Mrs. Erin, and Sam

girls from Texas and Sarah in the middle

Kendell finally got wet

Bro. Jeremy leading us to sing for our supper

Sack race
Miranda, Lenea, and Jessica

Mrs. Cathy with Micah and Briton

our daughter Rachel with Hailey

Our Caleb with Johnny

Chapel time

Britney, Sarah and Kara

Monday, June 16, 2008

We were at Living Waters Youth Camp last week. We had such a wonderful time. God dealt with hearts and a lot of things got settled, commitments made, and a fire was put back in most of the people that were there. God always moves in a special way at this place set aside for him. When my husband first started pastoring at Milledgeville Baptist Church the first thing we wanted was for the kids to go to this camp. Just get them to camp and God will work on their hearts in a mighty way. Same thing this year. I am very grateful for a place set aside to get away from pulls of this world.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Back to Bethel Campmeeting, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Mrs. Susie, Mrs. Annie, and me

Bro. Robert and Mrs. Debbie Keaton

This is who took Caleb to the Air Force Base

Bro. Mike Dombrosky with Anna and Caleb

Mrs. Karen and me

Sarah fishing, well she had to pole in her hand

Fishing from the cabin deck

Mrs. Susie and Me in a canoe

Anna in the fishing tournament, she caught the biggest Brim

Caleb and Chad busy at it

Back to Bethel Campmeeting, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Sarah with Ms. Michelle, her Sunday School teacher while we were there

John and some Missionary Guys

How high can you stack dominos?

Missionary Kids

Bro. Justin and Kelli (Sweet couple)

We had such a wonderful time this week at Bible Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Arkansas. The pastor is Dr. Mike Files. There were over 30 missionary families there. The church treated us all so kindly. We were pampered. Although we have not had time to get tired from traveling a lot it was such a nice break to be at a place where you were taken such good care of.

We stayed at Camp Hope, a 60 plus acre camp, owned by the church. They have a large lake with cabins on it. Our kids went fishing, canoe riding, paddle boats. Played basketball and softball. They were taken to the zoo, and Caleb got to go to the Jacksonville Air Force Base and go inside a C130 J model aircraft. All the ladies were taken shopping one morning.

Besides all the relaxing things we did, we were fed from God's word every time. Bro. Doug Fisher was the main speaker. He is from San Diego, California.

King James Bible Fellowship, Dyersburg, TN

Friday night the 30th of May we went to Holy Hills Baptist Church in Dyersburg, TN. What an exciting time. The pastor is Bro. Jeremy Ballinger. His associate pastor is Bro. John Dillinger. The church has these meeting every 5th Friday night. What a blessing it was to see God's word uplifted. Our family was able to sing and our son John preached. My husband Chad preached as well. We had such a good time. I really enjoyed seeing the pastor's and associate's pastor's wives. They are so sweet. I am so thankful to the Lord for the friends we have made.