Friday, June 6, 2008

Back to Bethel Campmeeting, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Sarah with Ms. Michelle, her Sunday School teacher while we were there

John and some Missionary Guys

How high can you stack dominos?

Missionary Kids

Bro. Justin and Kelli (Sweet couple)

We had such a wonderful time this week at Bible Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Arkansas. The pastor is Dr. Mike Files. There were over 30 missionary families there. The church treated us all so kindly. We were pampered. Although we have not had time to get tired from traveling a lot it was such a nice break to be at a place where you were taken such good care of.

We stayed at Camp Hope, a 60 plus acre camp, owned by the church. They have a large lake with cabins on it. Our kids went fishing, canoe riding, paddle boats. Played basketball and softball. They were taken to the zoo, and Caleb got to go to the Jacksonville Air Force Base and go inside a C130 J model aircraft. All the ladies were taken shopping one morning.

Besides all the relaxing things we did, we were fed from God's word every time. Bro. Doug Fisher was the main speaker. He is from San Diego, California.

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