Friday, June 6, 2008

Back to Bethel Campmeeting, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Mrs. Susie, Mrs. Annie, and me

Bro. Robert and Mrs. Debbie Keaton

This is who took Caleb to the Air Force Base

Bro. Mike Dombrosky with Anna and Caleb

Mrs. Karen and me

Sarah fishing, well she had to pole in her hand

Fishing from the cabin deck

Mrs. Susie and Me in a canoe

Anna in the fishing tournament, she caught the biggest Brim

Caleb and Chad busy at it


  1. Wow what fun! That looks like a great time.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Looks like you guys did have a good time. We have been praying for you and Kayla is wanting to know when Rachel can come see her again :)

  3. The pictures from Camp Hope bring back good and bad memories. I really did have a good time their, but I thought Liberty was about to die, so it was a hard time too. I had all 5 kids in the dorm with me and Michael couldn't be his normal helpful self. But I remember all the fun things we did and your pictures helped me remember the fun times! Thanks!

  4. My Dear Mrs. Sandy I hope you and your family are all doing well I keep you in my prayers. It has been so hot upo here the last week around 90 every day except on tuesday when we had rain showers all day it was only 77 but still muggy. How's the weather in your travels? I wish so much that I could visit different states and countries just to see the glory and splendor of God's handywork.

    Lately I have been feeling so ressless... I quit my job selling clothes at the mall, and we had to leave our church because dissagreements in wether what the pastor had been teaching was not biblical. I am so tiered of living in my little appartment too, I have now where to plant a graden, no grass to mow, now wildflowers to pick, no place I feel at home right now.

    Please pray for me Ms. Sandy, I know God is calling me somewhere and I can feel that he wants to make some changes in my life as well. I send you my warmest thoughts and prayers and love.



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