Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Caleb's art work

Caleb, our son who is 8 years old, loves to draw. He just recently bought a new scatch pad with some money given to him from Emmanuel Baptist Church. He draws all time. He says he draws what is in his mind.

Here is a close up. When asked what it is a picture of, He says it is a bird looking up with two broken leaves beside him. Modern art.

First Break Down

This is where we spend many hours. We just got this new to us Suburban last week before we started this last trip. It is a lot nicer than the last one we had. I wish I had a before and after to show how good God is.

We had our first break down on the road in West Virginia. It was on our trailer. We knew the tires were getting bad and had planned on replacing them in a few days. Our son John captured the begin of the breakdown on video. The Suburban is new to us so we did not know where the jack was. LOL as my kids say. That means laugh out loud for you people who do not text on your cell phones. We had a good time even though we were broke down for a few hours.

Rock Cave Baptist Church, Rock Cave, West Virginia

July 24 and 25 we were at Rock Cave Baptist Church in Rock Cave, West Virginia. They were having a camp meeting. We did know any one before we came but sure enjoy worshiping with these wonderful folks in this area of the world. I could not get over how curvy the roads were. I usually don't get sick, but it was hard not to even looking out the window. The people were very friendly. I would love to go back to this beautiful state.

New Hope Baptist Church, Goode, Virginia

July 21 - 23 we were at New Hope Baptist Chruch in Goode, Virginia for their missions conference. The pastor is Bro. Don Rice. What a wonderful and uplifting time. The services were so good. We have known Bro. Don for serveral years and it was a joy to spent time with him and his family again.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time with old friends Lynchburg, Virginia

Timberlake Baptist Church Ministy Center

Pastor Larry Brodie and his wife Judy
Bro. Don and Sherry Schnarr and family

Sellers and Schnarr kids ( minus Tyler, he would have stood between Rachel and Sarah)

This past weekend we were in Lynchburg, Virginia, at Timberlake Baptist Church. Our family sang and showed our DVD presentation in Pastor Brodie's Abundant Life Sunday School class. Pastor Brodie is the executive pastor at Timberlake. What a joy to our hearts to spend time with Pastor Larry Brodie and his wife Judy. They invited us to stay in their home as guests for the weekend. Also we spent time with Bro. Don and Sherry Schnarr and their family. Their son Tyler was on a missions trip in St. Vincent. We really missed seeing him. Sunday afternoon, Bro. Richard Jett and his wife Beth took us to lunch, along with Pastor Jim Alley and his wife Mary Boyd. Bro. Jett is the Director of pastoral care. Pastor Alley was the senior pastor up until 2 years ago. Now he and his wife are in Missions work. Before leaving town on Monday, we were able to spend time with Mrs. Lori Woods. We have always enjoyed spending time with her and her husband Randy. Lori is the Choir director at Timberlake. It is so amazing how puts people in your lives that impact your entire future. That is what happened with Pastor Brodie and his dear wife and the entire church at Timberlake. The Lord is so good to put people in your paths. We are very thankful and blessed to know these dear folks at Timberlake Baptist Church in Lynchburg.

While visiting we were able to met the new senior pastor, Pastor W. Bryan Ferrell and his wife Tracy. Nothing but good things were spoken of this wonderful couple. We also got to see old friends, Pastor Timothy White and his wife Sherry. Pastor White is the Pastor of Adult Ministries at Timberlake. We enjoy thinking back on the memories we made with dear couple while we were in Lynchburg so many years ago.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Livingstone's new home

Yesterday we dropped Livingstone ( our African Gray Parrot) off at his new home in Pounding Mills, Virginia. His new owners are Bro. Chris and Mrs. Terry Huff. He is the pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church. Their church was the first church to take us on for support. They also support Bro. Michael and Mrs. Nina Anderjewski in Portugal. They are the ones who gave us Livingstone. Before Livingstone reached his new home we made a few stops. One being the Chimney picnic area in the Great Smokey Mountains. We had a great time climbing on the rocks.

Lynchburg, Virginia

Today we are in Lynchburg, Virginia. We lived us for about 10 months before Chad and I had any children. It is amazing how a church and a group of people can still mean so much to you after only being in a place for such a short amount of time. We are staying with Pastor Brodie and his wife Judy for the next couple of days. Looking forward to this time of fellowship.

Friday, July 18, 2008

6 Quirky things about me

I am so behind on my blog with churches but my friend Nina, missionary to Portugal tagged me to write down 6 quirky things about myself. Well here it goes,

1. When I eat a kit kat candy bar I separate the bars, eat the chocolate off first, then the outside wafers, and last the inside wafer.

2. I Hit the top of the car when I go through a yellow light.

3. I cooked and Ate a batch of brownies just about everyday I was pregnant before my husband came home.

4. I love cleaning even though my house never seems to be finished. (it is relaxing)

5. I like the smell of boiled eggs.

6. I can't think of any more, well really I can think of lots but just don't know which one to write down.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Eastwood Baptist Church Morristown, Tennessee

Bro. Don Crider with our daughter Anna

Tonight we were at Eastwood Baptist Church in Morristown, Tennessee. The pastor is Bro. Don Crider. He is a very special man who has been a blessing to our family for years. Especially our children. The church has a campmeeting every October that we love to come to. It was a joy to be in services tonight with familiar faces. We also go to summer camp with this churches youth group.

Midway Baptist Church Louisville, Tennessee

Last night, July 16th we were at Midway Baptist Church in Louisville, Tennessee. My husband was very excited about coming here because Bro. Michael Andrejewski, Missionary to Portugal, said the church was a lot like our home church. With a little difficult finding the church, we arrive in plenty of time for services. We had left that morning from home with only about 5 hours to travel. Not far, before deputation that would seem like a life time. But we are all troopers now. We have even driven 12 hours straight and had service that night before. I didn't like doing that but it is doable.
We enjoyed services at this church. They were a lot like our home church. My husband said there was sweet liberty to preach. The pastor and his wife have two small boys that made friends with our children right away.

Emmanuel Baptist Church Jackson, Tennessee

Sunday Night, July 13th we were at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee. This is only about 30 minutes from our house. The pastor is Dr. Dennis Davis and his wife is Mrs. Cathy. That are such a sweet couple. I had never met them before but they were members at one time of Chad's father's church when he was growing up. They have served on the mission field for several years before God directed them to Jackson, Tennessee. We enjoyed the sweet spirit in the services. They were very kind to us. Chad's parents, Bro. Jerry and Martha Sellers, also attended the services. During prayer time before service, I was asked to give my testimony to the ladies. This is the third time I have been asked. I am kinda nervous when asked. I never say the things I want to say and always seem to get tongue-tied. I thank the Lord for my husband every time he gets up to present our ministry, and for our children when they get up to sing. I'm so proud of them.
A very excited thing happen. The church voted in front of us to take us on for support. Praise the Lord.
Also a blessing for our kids was that the piano player, a MK (missionary kid to the county of Japan) took our kids to Dairy Queen while the adults went to Cracker Barrel. He said he remembered what it was like on deputation. Always spending time with adults. It was a treat for our kids.

Calvary Baptist Church Adamsville, Tennessee

Sunday morning, July 13th, we were at Calvary Baptist Church in Adamsville, Tennessee. The pastor is Bro. Jimmy Cates. This church is in the next town to our home church in Milledgeville. We had a wonderful time of fellowship. The people were very nice. It was so good to be around people who are ministering to the same area as we have for the past 3 years.

Cave Springs Baptist Church Henderson, Tennessee

Wednesday night, July 9th, we were at Cave Springs Baptist Church in Henderson, Tennessee. This church is only about 15 minutes from home. Chad preached a revival here last year. I went to school with some of the members. We enjoyed being with people we knew to share our burden for Nepal. My Mom and Dad came to the services to see us , along with 3 other couples from their church.

Holy Hills Baptist Church Dyersburg, Tennessee

Sunday night, July 6th, we were at Holy Hills Baptist Church in Dyersburg, Tennessee. The pastor is Bro. Jeremy Ballinger. They were having missions Sunday. We always enjoy seeing the dear folk here at Holy Hills. After services we went to eat at McDonalds. We stayed so long that they actually turned the lights on us and asked us to leave. So we went outside and fellowshipped for about a hour longer. We had a wonderful time with these dear folk. God is using them in a mighty way there in Dyersburg, Tennessee.

Turner's Chapel Baptist Church Ripley, Mississippi

Bro. Howard Goolsby and his wife Christy
We were at Turner's Chapel Baptist Church in Ripley, Mississippi, on July 6th, Sunday morning. The pastor is Bro. Howard Goolsby. The last time we were at Turner's Chapel, Bro. Howard was on a missions trip and Chad was filling in for him. It was good to spend time with him and his family after church.

Grace Independent Baptist Church Brookhaven, Mississippi

After a day of riding four-wheelers.

Sarah with Lane Biggs (Bro. Wade's grandson)

The week of June 30 - July 3rd we were at Grace Baptist Church in Brookhaven, Mississippi. The pastor is Bro. Wade Biggs. His dear wife took such good care of us, all the while their daughter-in-law delieved their first granddaughter. What a wonderful week. We had such a wonderful time and was stirred to serve the Lord more. Bro. Tony Howeth preached every night and a different missionary shared their burden for the field God has called them to. We had a very good time of fellowship. Bro. Tony and Mrs. Stacey have children our kids ages. They had such a good time. One day they went four-wheeler riding at one of the members of Grace Baptist house.

Houston Road Baptist Church Troutman, NC

On June 29th, Sunday night we were at Houston Road Baptist Church in Troutman, North Carolina. The pastor is Bro. Chancee Carter. His wife is Mrs. Ronda. We had met this couple in Kentucky at the Run for the Rose Campmeeting. It was good to see them again and share our burden for Nepal in their services. The church had a birthday fellowship after wards and the kids ejoyed playing ball and getting the know the pastors children a little better.

Morning Star Baptist Church Shelby, NC

Sunday Morning, June 29th, we were at Morning Star Baptist Church in Shelby, North Carolina. The pastor is Bro. Ralph Belcher. This church was very familiar with our ministry before we came. It was a blessing to be in services with them. Following the service was a fellowship meal with the church. We enjoyed getting to know the people here.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

On the road again

Here we go again. We are in Louisville, TN. About 1 hour from the Great Smokey Mountains. We were at Midway Baptist Church tonight with Bro. Trent Mckenlin. Tomorrow we are going to be with Bro. Don Crider in Morristown, TN. He has Thursday night midweek services. I looked at the last time I posted and it seems so long ago. We have had such a hard time getting the Internet card in order for us to stay caught up on everything. Besides that last week when we were home we had a yard sale and moved in with my in-laws. Very busy 10 days. I told my husband I will be glad to get on the road this trip just to be able to rest. More to come. Thank you for your patience.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Morning Star Baptist Church, Cleveland, North Carolina

Wednesday night, June 25, we were at Morning Star Baptist Church in Cleveland, North Carolina. The pastor is Bro. Ron Young. His wife is Belinda. I don't even know where to begin to share the blessing this family was to us. We did not know them before but as soon as we arrived it was just like we had know them for a long time. While they were in college at Tabernacle, in Greenville, South, Carolina, they lived next door to my brother and sister - law, Joe and Tanna Collins. It was so good to hear the stories they shared with us. The Youngs took such good care of us. We stayed with them 5 nights. We had such a wonderful time.

Curry Town Baptist Church, Lexington, North Carolina

Pastor Michael McDaniel, His wife Ellen, Luke, Hannah, and Abigal

June 23 - 24 we were at Curry Town Baptist Church in Lexington, North Carolina. There were having Missions Revival. There were several missionaries that attended. We had a such a good time. Besides the good preaching the kids had a wonderful with activities for them. There were taken horseback riding one afternoon. Another afternoon the church took them to the park for picnic.

Smith Chapel Baptist Church Colt, Arkansas

Bro. J.T. Baskins with his wife Kathy

Sunday night, June 22, we were at Smith Chapel Baptist Church in Colt, Arkansas. Bro. J.T. Baskins is the pastor there. Wow a joy it was to be in their services. God always shows up. The church voted on the spot to take us on for support. What a blessing.

Faith Baptist Church Greenbrier, Arkansas

Pastor Alan Jackson and wife Glenda

John preached at a Youth Meeting on Saturday night.
The girls singing at the meeting.
On Sunday June the 22th, we were at Faith Baptist Church in Greenbrier, Arkansas. Bro. Alan Jackson is the pastor there. We have known the Jackson family for some time and have always enjoyed being with them. They have a wonderful church that has a servants heart.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I feel so behind in everything. We have not had internet access for about two weeks now. So I am behind on my blog. I pray I will be able to caught up soon. Please bear with me.