Friday, July 18, 2008

6 Quirky things about me

I am so behind on my blog with churches but my friend Nina, missionary to Portugal tagged me to write down 6 quirky things about myself. Well here it goes,

1. When I eat a kit kat candy bar I separate the bars, eat the chocolate off first, then the outside wafers, and last the inside wafer.

2. I Hit the top of the car when I go through a yellow light.

3. I cooked and Ate a batch of brownies just about everyday I was pregnant before my husband came home.

4. I love cleaning even though my house never seems to be finished. (it is relaxing)

5. I like the smell of boiled eggs.

6. I can't think of any more, well really I can think of lots but just don't know which one to write down.

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  1. That's too funny. I just wrote something like that a few weeks ago....the egg thing is a little


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