Wednesday, July 30, 2008

First Break Down

This is where we spend many hours. We just got this new to us Suburban last week before we started this last trip. It is a lot nicer than the last one we had. I wish I had a before and after to show how good God is.

We had our first break down on the road in West Virginia. It was on our trailer. We knew the tires were getting bad and had planned on replacing them in a few days. Our son John captured the begin of the breakdown on video. The Suburban is new to us so we did not know where the jack was. LOL as my kids say. That means laugh out loud for you people who do not text on your cell phones. We had a good time even though we were broke down for a few hours.


  1. John is so funny. He doesn't have a care in the world...stuck in the mountains of West Virginia, eating a little debbie(boy I miss those...what we'd give for a zebra cake!)videoing his family and himself....he is too funny!

  2. We had to watch the video several times...the kids loved it...they want to see John...get the camera out during some more stressful times!

  3. That video is so funny. The boys got a kick out of watching it too!
    King James Fellowship coming up the 5th friday in August. Hope you guys can make it!


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