Thursday, July 17, 2008

Midway Baptist Church Louisville, Tennessee

Last night, July 16th we were at Midway Baptist Church in Louisville, Tennessee. My husband was very excited about coming here because Bro. Michael Andrejewski, Missionary to Portugal, said the church was a lot like our home church. With a little difficult finding the church, we arrive in plenty of time for services. We had left that morning from home with only about 5 hours to travel. Not far, before deputation that would seem like a life time. But we are all troopers now. We have even driven 12 hours straight and had service that night before. I didn't like doing that but it is doable.
We enjoyed services at this church. They were a lot like our home church. My husband said there was sweet liberty to preach. The pastor and his wife have two small boys that made friends with our children right away.

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