Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time with old friends Lynchburg, Virginia

Timberlake Baptist Church Ministy Center

Pastor Larry Brodie and his wife Judy
Bro. Don and Sherry Schnarr and family

Sellers and Schnarr kids ( minus Tyler, he would have stood between Rachel and Sarah)

This past weekend we were in Lynchburg, Virginia, at Timberlake Baptist Church. Our family sang and showed our DVD presentation in Pastor Brodie's Abundant Life Sunday School class. Pastor Brodie is the executive pastor at Timberlake. What a joy to our hearts to spend time with Pastor Larry Brodie and his wife Judy. They invited us to stay in their home as guests for the weekend. Also we spent time with Bro. Don and Sherry Schnarr and their family. Their son Tyler was on a missions trip in St. Vincent. We really missed seeing him. Sunday afternoon, Bro. Richard Jett and his wife Beth took us to lunch, along with Pastor Jim Alley and his wife Mary Boyd. Bro. Jett is the Director of pastoral care. Pastor Alley was the senior pastor up until 2 years ago. Now he and his wife are in Missions work. Before leaving town on Monday, we were able to spend time with Mrs. Lori Woods. We have always enjoyed spending time with her and her husband Randy. Lori is the Choir director at Timberlake. It is so amazing how puts people in your lives that impact your entire future. That is what happened with Pastor Brodie and his dear wife and the entire church at Timberlake. The Lord is so good to put people in your paths. We are very thankful and blessed to know these dear folks at Timberlake Baptist Church in Lynchburg.

While visiting we were able to met the new senior pastor, Pastor W. Bryan Ferrell and his wife Tracy. Nothing but good things were spoken of this wonderful couple. We also got to see old friends, Pastor Timothy White and his wife Sherry. Pastor White is the Pastor of Adult Ministries at Timberlake. We enjoy thinking back on the memories we made with dear couple while we were in Lynchburg so many years ago.

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  1. I'm glad you all were able to come to Lynchburg and the mission conference at New Hope. I enjoyed meeting you and look forward to hearing Mr. Sellers speak tonight. The girls have such beautiful voices! See you later.


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