Thursday, August 21, 2008

Things we do on the road

We have stopped and taken our picture with the Big Boy at two different stores. The kids thought it was so neat.

Being in a lot of public bathrooms we were very impressed with this hand dryer. It had so much pressure it would move your skin around. Oh well, you have do to some thing to make things fun. I think we need to put more thought into this. LOL


  1. At least you guys are trying to have fun while on "deputation"....I just don't like that word at all....

    Sorry that I had you guys thinking we were going to have another baby....I just wanted to have a little fun...looks like I had a few people thinking that we were expecting...

  2. I just wanted to say that I am so happy that God put us with your family Friday night. We feel so blessed to have met you. Your families sweet voices are still singing in my heart! Love, Tracey from the NSICU

  3. MM! I love Frisch's Big Boy!!

    It reminds me of home. ;o}


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