Friday, September 26, 2008

"She is normal"

Our daughter Sarah has been having headaches lately and has been blacking out at times. We took her to the doctor on Wed. which led to her needing to take tests today at the hospital. When we finally got the results back, the doctor said she is "normal". Because her salt intake is a little low he prescribed a bag of chips a day. Well, she can handle that. I'm sure she will also want a Dr. Pepper to wash it down. LOL
We do thank all of you for praying for her. We appreciate it very much.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lakeview Baptist Church Tupelo, Mississippi

Wednesday night, September 9th, we were at Lakeview Baptist Church in Tupelo, Mississippi. The pastor is Bro. Robert Garland. The church has a very comfortable missions house beside the church. We were able to stay there all week while we attended a missions conference at Lighthouse Baptist in Fulton. Services were very nice at Lakeview. Everyone asked lots of questions. The church has a school, so during the afternoons our children visited with some of the children from the school. It was a very relaxing place to stay. Wednesday night after service we visited with the pastor and his family over a meal. Wonderful Fellowship.

Columbia Road Baptist Church North Olmstead, Ohio

Sunday night, September 7th, we were at Columbia Road Baptist Church in North Olmstead, Ohio. The pastor is Bro. Alan Jenkins. Bro. Jenkins is involved with Good Shepherd Baptist Missions. We have known him for a few years. Also at Columbia Road is The Steve Williams family. They have been dear friends of our through the years serving with Good Shepherd. The Williams invited us to their house on Saturday night for fellowship. We had a wonderful time. What a great time of we had at this church. Services were uplifting and challenging.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Victory Baptist Church Lodi, Ohio

Sunday morning, September 7, we were at Victory Baptist Church in Lodi, Ohio. Bro. Joe Williams is the pastor. We had such a wonderful time. We went a few days earlier and stayed at Bro. Joe's home and enjoyed the time with him and his family. Victory has beautiful facilities and very welcoming members.

Grace of Calvary Baptist Church Erie, Pennsylvania

Wednesday night, September 3rd, we were at Grace of Calvary Baptist Church in Erie, Pennsylvania. The pastor is Bro. George Alquist Jr. It was an encouragement to see their heart for souls and their desire to get the gospel out. Bro. George Alquist Jr. started the church 25 years ago. God has blessed in mighty ways.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grace Bible Independent Baptist Church in Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania

Rachel's 13th Birthday

corn roast ( very good)

Bro. Roger and Mrs. Pat Hains

August 31 we were at Grace Bible Independent Baptist Church in Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania.
The pastor is Bro. Roger Hains. We were there all day. Chad preached both services and I had the opportunity to share in the ladies Sunday School class. We have known Bro. Hains and his wife Pat for a few years as we worked with Missionary Training School. What a blessing to spend time with them at their beautiful hometown. Shinglehouse is a very beautiful and peaceful place. We had good services and enjoyed meeting these wonderful people. It was Rachel's 13th birthday. Bro. Hains and Mrs. Pat had us for dinner at their house.
While in Shinglehouse we attended their annual Corn Roast, and spent Labor Day with the Hains. What a treat. Northerns have fun just like us in the South.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Niagara Falls

American Falls

all the kids
caleb got tired
Last week we were able to visit Niagara Falls. It was amazing to see God's handiwork.

Lake Erie

beautiful view
look what I found
water feels good

want a bite
We sure did enjoy seeing Lake Erie at Vermilion, Ohio.

Vermilion, Ohio

Monday night, August 25, we spent the night in Verminion, Ohio. Some friends of ours from First Baptist Church, Spencer invited us to come spend some time with them. Matt and Angie McHenry. The kids got to play on 360 x box while the adults visited. We had a wonderful time of fellowship and the next morning we saw Lake Erie for the first time.

First Baptist Church Spencer, Ohio

Sunday night, August 24, we were at First Baptist Church in Spencer, Ohio. We always love coming to FBC. This is where Missionary Training School is. It is a treat to spend time with these people.

Cornerstone Baptist Church Logan, Ohio

Cabin we stayed at
cabin we stayed at

August 24, Sunday morning, we were at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Logan, Ohio. The pastor is Bro. Tom Walz. They have such a beautiful building.
Chad taught Sunday School in the adult class and then preached in the morning worship hour. We enjoyed lunch with the pastor and his family after services in the fellowship hall.
This is the place we stayed Saturday night in Logan, Ohio. Bro. Mick and Teresa . They gracious allowed us to stay in their log cabin. It is beautiful. This fall they will be opening the cabin up to the public as a bed and breakfast. It is a very peaceful place to stay.

Carthage Baptist Church Cincinnatti, Ohio

On August 20, Wednesday night, we were at Carthage Baptist Church, Cincinnatti, OH. The pastor is Bro. Walker Deaton.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I am sitting in Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania. It so beautiful here. I have lots to post about. It has been hard because of lack of signal and time. I'll write more soon.