Friday, September 26, 2008

"She is normal"

Our daughter Sarah has been having headaches lately and has been blacking out at times. We took her to the doctor on Wed. which led to her needing to take tests today at the hospital. When we finally got the results back, the doctor said she is "normal". Because her salt intake is a little low he prescribed a bag of chips a day. Well, she can handle that. I'm sure she will also want a Dr. Pepper to wash it down. LOL
We do thank all of you for praying for her. We appreciate it very much.


  1. Obviously the Doctor didn't ask my opinion...I would have certainly said Sarah is NOT normal...she is one of the sweetest young ladies I know. Most girls her age have terrible attitudes...she is the sweetest! Certainly an exception!

    We praise the Lord that there are no serious health problems.

  2. Praise the Lord I was very concerned about her, God is SO good!


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