Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grace Bible Independent Baptist Church in Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania

Rachel's 13th Birthday

corn roast ( very good)

Bro. Roger and Mrs. Pat Hains

August 31 we were at Grace Bible Independent Baptist Church in Shinglehouse, Pennsylvania.
The pastor is Bro. Roger Hains. We were there all day. Chad preached both services and I had the opportunity to share in the ladies Sunday School class. We have known Bro. Hains and his wife Pat for a few years as we worked with Missionary Training School. What a blessing to spend time with them at their beautiful hometown. Shinglehouse is a very beautiful and peaceful place. We had good services and enjoyed meeting these wonderful people. It was Rachel's 13th birthday. Bro. Hains and Mrs. Pat had us for dinner at their house.
While in Shinglehouse we attended their annual Corn Roast, and spent Labor Day with the Hains. What a treat. Northerns have fun just like us in the South.


  1. That's an incredible picture on your awesome!

  2. I love your pictures!!! That's wonderful you're all at 26% now!


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