Thursday, October 30, 2008

My sweetie !!

Chad and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on the October 22. I love him more today that ever. I would not change a thing about my life. It has been wonderful. I am so looking forward to what God has in store for us with this new direction in the ministry. I thank the Lord everyday for my husband, he is my best friend.

Victory Independent Baptist Church Cleveland, Texas

Sunday night, October 26th, we were with Victory Independent Baptist Church in Cleveland, Texas. The pastor is Bro. Daniel Goodman. We enjoyed services with these dear folk.

Cornerstone Baptist Church Mouriceville, Texas

October 26, Sunday morning, we were with Cornerstone Baptist Church in Mouriceville, Texas. Bro. Todd Taylor is the pastor. We had a wonderful time getting to see old friends and making new ones. We attend the same youth camp with this church. While there we enjoyed fellowship with Bro. Todd and Ms. Lisa.

East River Baptist Church New Caney, Texas

October 18th - 23rd we were at East River Baptist Church in New Caney, Texas. They were having their annual missions conference. Bro. Roger Hoots is the pastor. Bro. Ed Theirbach is the associate pastor. It was awesome. It was so obvious so much time and prayer went into preparing for this week. The main preacher was a veteran missionary from Paupa New Guinea, Bro. Ted Mullins. Everyone left the week being challenged from the word. The last night the church had an international dinner. It was fabulous. Booths were set up from various countries features different dishes from that area. Their were choices from Nepal, St. Louisa, Mexico, Hawaii, and the great state of Texas. The pictures can not do it justice how impressive the decorations were. When we first arrived on Saturday afternoon, we saw the display for Nepal. I was so taken back by the detail and preparation that went into this display. It was wonderful to see the country God has called us.
There is more pictures to come.

First Baptist Church of Arcola Roseland, Louisiana

October 15th, Wednesday night, we were with Bro. Bob Simpson at First Baptist Church of Arcola in Roseland, Louisiana. This was our first time in Louisiana. The whole church is involved with missions which was a wonderful thing to see. We were able to stay at their prophets chamber for a few days. The pastor and his family were very nice and we enjoyed our first visit to Louisiana.

Grace Bible Baptist Halls, Tennessee

October 12, Sunday morning, we were with Grace Bible Baptist Church in Halls, TN with Bro. Jerry Hickson. It was great to see them again after serveal years. Their building was so nice with the improvements. Afterwards we enjoyed a wonderful meal with the pastor and his family.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wall of prayer

There are walls made be man
made by frail and human hands
that an enemy can scale and get to you.
But the one for which I long
it makes all the others strong,
it's a wall that satan can't break through.
Sometimes a wall of praise
Some times a wall of faith
other times its sweet mercy that I need.
But the one for which I long
that makes all the others strong
I need a wall of prayer surrounding me.
Oh, my brother, when I'm weak
would you stand in stead for me
and pray a fortess round me strong that can't be moved.
and I promise you today
when I'm on my knees to pray
I'll do my best to build a wall of prayer for you.
Our girls sing this song at several places we go. It is one of my favorite and it is exactly what we need.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not written in a few days.

I have not written in the last couple of days. It's not because we don't have internet connection. It fact, it is very fast. I have just been enjoying myself and not been on the computer much. We are at a missions conference in Texas. East River Baptist Church in New Caney, TX. Bro. Roger Hoots is the pastor. I will write more later about the conference. But is has been such a blessing to our family thus far.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Give a way item from Portugal

My friend, Nina, missionary to Portugal, is having a give a-way drawing. Check out her blog for all the details.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Super Bathroom Cleaner !!!!

We have gotten a lot done these last few days at home. Sarah was the "Official Bathroom Cleaner" She decided to make a sign to show everyone in the family. I think it motivated us to do a job that she really does not like to do. You go girl. Caleb was her "Super Bathroom Helper" . He also had a sign but the picture turned out blurry so I could not post it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I had a very good Day. I went to see my Daddy and Mama. Spent some time with them and that is about all. I sure do love them and are proud they are my parents.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Support Coming in

We are at 35%. God is so good.

Fellowship Baptist Church South Belouit, Wisconsin

Wednesday night, October 8th, we were at Fellowship Baptist Church in South Beloit, WI Bro. Brad Taubert is the pastor. We met Bro. Brad and his wife Jenny a few years ago at summer camp. Bro. Brad grew up in this church and has been the pastor there for many years. They have a good church that has a heart for the gospel. Here again it was good to see old friends. God is so good.

Ashley Road Baptist Church Morris, Illinois

Sunday night, October 5th, we were at Ashley Road Baptist Church in Morris, IL. Bro. Joel Robertson is the pastor there. Bro. Joel and his family Denne have been at Ashley Road for about three years. We have known this family for several years. It was so nice to spent some time with them. After services there was a birthday fellowship with soup and chili. I had the best potato soup that was made by Andrea Robertson, the pastor's 16 year of daughter.

Victory Baptist Church Rockford, Illinois

Bro. Mike Cook with his daughter Ricki

Sunday morning, October 5th, we were at Victory Baptist Church in Rockford, IL. Bro. Mike Cook has been the pastor there for a few months. Bro. Billy Robertson stepped down as head pastor. What a joy it was to see these two men work together for the cause of Christ. They have started a "Fall Recall" promotion that has lead to many new visitors in church. On Sunday morning two people were gloriously saved. Praise the Lord.
We were allowed to stay at their church for a week as we visited churches in the surrounding area. We enjoyed so much the fellowship of these two families. We ate so much good food. They know how to make "Southern sweet tea". What a blessing. It was good to see old friends. We have gone to camp with these dear folks at Living Waters Youth Camp in Alabama.

Brodhead Baptist Church Brodhead, Wisconsin

Thursday night, October 2nd, we were at Brodhead Baptist Church in Brodhead, WI. The pastor is Bro. Jeff Shargalis. Bro. Jeff and his wife Grace are a young couple that have a heart to serve God. We enjoyed service here in Wisconsin and the fellowship over a meal afterwards with them.
On the way to church we were driving from Rockford, IL to Wisconsin. We took the back way, I guess, well maybe not. Anyway I felt like we were in the middle of a corn field. Several miles of the drive had corn on both sides of the road.

Grace Baptist Church Dubuque, Iowa

Wednesday night, October 1st, we were at Grace Baptist Church in Dubuque, Iowa. The pastor is Bro. Robert Harbin. Wow what a joy to be in services this these dear folk. As soon as services started I felt like I was in the south. The songs and the music was just like at home. They welcomed us in and we enjoyed so much the time we spent at Grace Baptist. We were provided with wonderful accommodations and had a meal with the pastor and his family before services. I had forgotten my coat at home and a lady in the church gave me her sweater. It sure did come in handy until we got home. As a preacher friend of our says, "Ain't God Good" all the time.

Northside Baptist Church Davenport, Iowa

Sunday, September 28th, we were at Northside Baptist Church in Davenport, Iowa. The pastor is Bro. Richard Hishmen. Bro. Hishmen and his family supported my brother and sister- in-law in Nepal 18 years ago. After their death, he started that he had wondered what had happen to the ministry in Nepal. When he received our first letter stating we had surrendered to go to Nepal, he called my husband and set up a meeting. It was such a blessing to be with this family. We also went to a new state in this wonderful USA. It was neat to see all the corn fields.

Thank you for your kindness to our family, Bro. and Mrs. Hishmen.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Behind again

I am so far behind on my blog. I'm sorry, especially to the churches that we have been to that I have not posted pictures on. Maybe soon I will catch up.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

At the farm

Jerry and Jo Craig

Caleb with his new friend Wallie

Sarah picking green beans for lunch

Monday and Tuesday of this week we spent some time on the farm. Jerry and Jo Craig from Dumont, Iowa, opened up their home for us to stay for a few days. We did not know them until this week, but we now have life long friends. Ms. Jo loves sharing with others skills she has learned through the years. They have a lot of apple trees that were ready so the girls learned how to make, "Sarah's Apple Butter", "Rachel's Apple Sauce", and "Anna's Apple cake". Ms. Jo taught them how to make these wonderful treats and then gave them the recipes with their own names on it. Also the kids and Chad were able to go to the neighbors dairy farm and saw how cows were milked. Anna helped milk the cows. We have such wonderful memories of our time on the farm.

Grace Baptist Church Corith, Mississippi

September 15 and 16 we were at Grace Bible Baptist Church in Corinth, Mississippi. The pastor is Bro. Donald Sculley. They were having their annual missions conference. We enjoyed being a part of their conference. On both night the pastor made a call to one of their missionaries that was at the conference last year. The call was put over the speakers. It was encouraging to see the pastors interest in these missionaries daily lives.

Lighthouse Baptist Church Fulton, MS

September the 11th - 14th, we were at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Fulton, Mississippi for their annual missions conference. The pastor is Bro. Wallace Strawn. Their theme for the week was "Lighting the Darkness". We were challenged each night with the missionaries that were present. God moved in a several people left with a new awareness of the need for the gospel around the world. Saturday night was an international meal with wonderful from several countries.