Thursday, October 2, 2008

At the farm

Jerry and Jo Craig

Caleb with his new friend Wallie

Sarah picking green beans for lunch

Monday and Tuesday of this week we spent some time on the farm. Jerry and Jo Craig from Dumont, Iowa, opened up their home for us to stay for a few days. We did not know them until this week, but we now have life long friends. Ms. Jo loves sharing with others skills she has learned through the years. They have a lot of apple trees that were ready so the girls learned how to make, "Sarah's Apple Butter", "Rachel's Apple Sauce", and "Anna's Apple cake". Ms. Jo taught them how to make these wonderful treats and then gave them the recipes with their own names on it. Also the kids and Chad were able to go to the neighbors dairy farm and saw how cows were milked. Anna helped milk the cows. We have such wonderful memories of our time on the farm.

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  1. I remember when tha kids all came was fun! Reading and seeing all the pictures onyour blog makes me miss you guys. Praying for you all! ~Inga Helmke


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