Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Baptist Church of Arcola Roseland, Louisiana

October 15th, Wednesday night, we were with Bro. Bob Simpson at First Baptist Church of Arcola in Roseland, Louisiana. This was our first time in Louisiana. The whole church is involved with missions which was a wonderful thing to see. We were able to stay at their prophets chamber for a few days. The pastor and his family were very nice and we enjoyed our first visit to Louisiana.

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  1. Oh now I know that was a good conference, being in Texas and all.

    I miss all that good home cooking, hmm, maybe I'll make chicken fried steak for lunch, with mashed taters and fried okra, no we can't get okra here so I'll have to settle for something else.

    Anyhow, so glad things are going well.


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