Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Not written in a few days.

I have not written in the last couple of days. It's not because we don't have internet connection. It fact, it is very fast. I have just been enjoying myself and not been on the computer much. We are at a missions conference in Texas. East River Baptist Church in New Caney, TX. Bro. Roger Hoots is the pastor. I will write more later about the conference. But is has been such a blessing to our family thus far.


  1. Just a note to say welcome to ERBC! We are so glad that you and your lovely family are visiting with us this week.

  2. Hey you're in Texas, lucky you!!
    I can say that since that's my state and all.
    If you end up with out a meeting for a day stop by my home church in Arlington, Trinity Baptist, Dr. Bob Smith and make sure you tell someone who you are.
    Have a great time!

  3. We miss you guys!

    Your blog looks so nice!

  4. hey! this is rachel!...i just wanted to say i miss you guys....we had so much fun w/ ya'all!
    ....oh,and i love your blog page.


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