Saturday, October 11, 2008

Super Bathroom Cleaner !!!!

We have gotten a lot done these last few days at home. Sarah was the "Official Bathroom Cleaner" She decided to make a sign to show everyone in the family. I think it motivated us to do a job that she really does not like to do. You go girl. Caleb was her "Super Bathroom Helper" . He also had a sign but the picture turned out blurry so I could not post it.


  1. Way to go Sarah!

    Something to be proud of!

    You girls can sure get jobs done, and so quickly too!

    I remember ya'll cleaning up when we lived in LaGrange. I just sat back and watched you go......

    By the way....if you like cleaning bathrooms so much...I have 4 of them you are welcomed to clean!!

  2. That's really cute!!

    Maybe I need to make my girly a sign like that.

    Bravo Sarah!

  3. You think she would come and be our SUPER BATHROOM CLEANER? I sure do need one of those about right now.

  4. That's too funny!

    The King James Fellowship is coming up! I sure wish you guys could be here!

    Kayla sure is wanting to see the girls!

  5. Go Sarah! You can take over my tub-cleaning job anytime you want.

    ...Not the toilet, though. I reserve that for myself...:)


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