Thursday, October 9, 2008

Victory Baptist Church Rockford, Illinois

Bro. Mike Cook with his daughter Ricki

Sunday morning, October 5th, we were at Victory Baptist Church in Rockford, IL. Bro. Mike Cook has been the pastor there for a few months. Bro. Billy Robertson stepped down as head pastor. What a joy it was to see these two men work together for the cause of Christ. They have started a "Fall Recall" promotion that has lead to many new visitors in church. On Sunday morning two people were gloriously saved. Praise the Lord.
We were allowed to stay at their church for a week as we visited churches in the surrounding area. We enjoyed so much the fellowship of these two families. We ate so much good food. They know how to make "Southern sweet tea". What a blessing. It was good to see old friends. We have gone to camp with these dear folks at Living Waters Youth Camp in Alabama.

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  1. I didn't know that Bro. Billy had stepped down and Bro. Mike Cook had taken the roll as Pastor. I'm finding out all kinds of stuff through you guys! Thanks for keeping me updated!

    Your blog looks great!


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