Monday, October 27, 2008

Wall of prayer

There are walls made be man
made by frail and human hands
that an enemy can scale and get to you.
But the one for which I long
it makes all the others strong,
it's a wall that satan can't break through.
Sometimes a wall of praise
Some times a wall of faith
other times its sweet mercy that I need.
But the one for which I long
that makes all the others strong
I need a wall of prayer surrounding me.
Oh, my brother, when I'm weak
would you stand in stead for me
and pray a fortess round me strong that can't be moved.
and I promise you today
when I'm on my knees to pray
I'll do my best to build a wall of prayer for you.
Our girls sing this song at several places we go. It is one of my favorite and it is exactly what we need.


  1. I've never heard that one but it sounds like a wonderful song with a great message.

  2. reI love that song,
    hope everything is going o.k?
    not sure if you remember me
    I meet ya'll few years ago
    at living waters in lagrange.
    one of Mrs Nina's friends
    Rebekah Butler.

  3. I love that song!--I'd love to have one of the CD's ya'll made...hint hint..

  4. That is a beautiful song!

    Praying for safe travels for you and your family, Sandy. We already miss all of y'all at East River Baptist in New Caney!

    Much love,


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