Saturday, November 29, 2008

Finally back after a long break

We have been home for the past few weeks. Well almost all of November. We have been very busy through the weeks and then churches on Sunday's and Wednesdays. We have had a wonderful time. This has always been my favorite time of the year and God is so good to allow our schedule to work out the way it did.
The only downside of being at home was we did not have high speed Internet. So I got very behind on emails and my blog. It is hard to caught up and think about everything that happened a month ago.
So much has happened that it is hard to remember. Any way the biggest highlight is we are now at
41% of our monthly support.

God is so good. I am always amazed at Him. I don't know why, because He is always the same and has always taken care of us.

I want to say Thank you to all the churches we have presented our call to , to the wonderful people in each state we have visited, and to family that has always been there with encouraging words to keep us going.

Heriage Baptist Church Selmer, Tennessee

November 23rd, Sunday morning, we were at Heritage Baptist Church in Selmer, Tennessee. The church is without a pastor at this time. We enjoyed so much being with these wonderful families.

Friendship Baptist Church Henderson, Tennessee

Sunday night, November 12th, we were at Friendship Baptist Church in Henderson, Tennessee. The pastor is Bro. Ronnie Sells. What a special treat to be here. Especially for me. This is the church I grew up. My parents have gone here for over 40 years. It was a very emotion time. After the service was over we were asked to stand up front for everyone to come around for a "right hand of fellowship" The fellowship was sweet as person after person came around to tell us they would be praying for us. These people who have been such a part of my life all these years. The night was very special to me.

First Baptist Church Finger, Tennessee

Sunday morning, November 12th, we were at First Baptist Church, in Finger, Tennessee. The pastor is Bro. Bobby Bray.

Victory Baptist Church Henderson, Tennessee

Wednesday night, November 12, we were at Victory Baptist Church in Henderson, Tennessee. Bro. Jerry McCorkle is the pastor there. We have known most the people in this congregation for some time. This church took us on for support before we came for a visit. It was nice to show them our presentation and report has God is working during deputation.

Hillside Baptist Church Humbolt, Tennessee

On November 9th, Sunday night, we were at Hillside Baptist Church in Humbolt, Tennessee.Their pastor is Bro. Bill Aston. He and his wife were out of town so Chad was asked to fill in. Hillside has been a supporting church for a few months now. It was nice to see familar faces and some new ones.

Triniy Baptist Church Dyersburg, Tennessee

On November 9th, Sunday morning, we were at Trinity Baptist Church. The pastor is Bro. Leonard Ballinger. Trinity has been one of our supporting churches for a few months but we had never been to the church. We met their pastor at a King James Bible Fellowship at Holy Hills Baptist Church, in Dyersburg, earlier in deputation. We so enjoyed being in the services at Trinity. We were treated so special. We enjoyed a wonderful meal with Bro. Ballinger and his wife and rested at their home between services.

Grace Baptist Church Mount Vernon, Texas

On November 2nd, we were at Grace Baptist Church in Mt. Vernon, Texas. The church is without a pastor at this time. We had the privilege to be in the commissioning service for Ms. Keri , missionary to Romania. What a joy to see the love this home church of a missionary as they are sending her away to share the gospel in a foreign country.

Bible Baptist Church , Conroe, Texas

On October 30, we were at Bible Baptist Church in Conroe, Texas, with Bro. Lupe Sanchez. They have their midweek service on Thursday night. After the kids sang and Chad presented our burden for Nepal, we enjoyed hearing an challenging message from the pastor.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Pictures of our family

We took these pictures before we left for Texas a little over a month ago. It was such a hugh accomplishment since we have not been anywhere long enough to wait to have them developed.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wonderful Memories East River Baptist Church

These last few weeks we have been staying at East River Baptist Church in New Caney, Texas. We have had such a wonderful time. Our children especially. The first week we were here was during their missions conference. The ladies and girls enjoyed a day shopping at thrift stores, the kids enjoyed a day bowling and lots of time playing games and getting to know each other better. Of course the services were awesome. This last week, we went skating, had a bon fire one night and roasted "strawberry" marsh mellows, and the kids were able to go to a birthday party on Friday night. Attended service here Wednesday night and the kids were involved with Masters Club. I was able to help clean up in the storage closet, and attended ladies prayer time on Tuesday.
The main thing about these two weeks in that we were involved in the day to day activities of a church. We felt like we belonged here. I'm so thankful that we were made to feel at home. I guess that is the hardest part about deputation for me. We go from church to church presenting our ministry. You hear about events that are coming up in the church and you know you won't be able to participate because you are moving on to the next place. I love being a part of things. The ins and outs of getting a meeting together, the clean up time. So I really appreciate it every chance I get to feel apart of a church. That is what happened here at East River.
I thank the Lord for these few weeks here. We have wonderful memories. It has made me all the more ready to get to Nepal. To start our ministry there. To feel at home at church.