Monday, December 29, 2008

Some more pictures from Christmas!

My nephew Daniel and his fiance Felisha

Look what I got.

Rachel showing off the bird.

Caleb and Nicholas

Sarah and Kristin

John, Kerry, Zach, Caleb and John

Rachel, Sarah, Shelby, Anna, Cassie, Lydia

Chad's sister Jennifer

Getting loaded up for the next round

Sarah taking her turn with the Nerf

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  1. I Love Nerf guns!! I always buy my dad one for Christmas! We have the best time playing with it after the opening of gifts. I missed not buying him one this year!!

    Glad ya'll had a great time! I miss walking around the house bearfoot....i saw lots of bare toes in those pictures!! We have to wear three pairs of socks, shoes, and a coat in the house....crazy huh?!

    It was great talking too you last night!! I didn't realize how badly I needed to talk with you till we had hung up and I was so thankful we were able to talk....I really needed that! I'm sorry that I did all the talking....

    Hang in there...deputation is temporary.....remember that!!


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