Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bubble Gum and Snowmen

Sarah with 21 gumballs

After most are in her mouth

Saying good bye to my snow people
Over the holidays my kids got with some of their friends at the mall close to our home. Sarah decided she would try to chew all the flavors of gumballs at the same time. There was 21 different kinds. After about 30 minutes she had all of them in her mouth. The kids made a video of it, but I decided not to post it. It was kinda gross when she spit it all out. It was quiet a wod.
It was hard putting up our Christmas decorations this year. I'm not sure if we are going to take them to Nepal with us or not.

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  1. I think Nina would tell you to at least take a few. It'll bring a sense of "home" to you and the family next Christmas. A small box, of course, as shipping what you need will be outrageous enough!

    Come by and see us sometime....


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