Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Glen Iris Baptist Church Birmingham, Alabama

Wednesday night, January 7th, we were at Glen Iris Baptist Church, in Birmingham, Alabama. The pastor is Bro. Chris Lamb. We have heard about Glen Iris and their ministry for some time but had never visited here. This church has been supporting Chad's Dad and Mom for some time. It was a blessing to come report on the work they have been supporting and introduce our ministry. We enjoyed being here.


  1. We use to go there every Saturday so Michael could preach on the radio!!

    You have an award over at my blog!

  2. Thanks for posting the Lee's Chapel Mission Conference info. Last year I attended it with my Mama, and sister, Wanda. That was the last time I saw Nina (my niece)and her family prior to their leaving for Portugal. Also, the last time I saw Mama in good health, as the Lord called her Home to be with Him a few short weeks later. Having received such a blessing at last years conference, I planned to attend again this year, but the conference date was changed to a time we would be out of town, so your slide show was an extra special gift for me to watch (although through tears). It's amazing how much the Lord uses that Mission Conference to inspire people to support His cause in foreign lands.

    Whenever you're planning to be in this area again please let me know. We'll try to visit wherever Bro. Chad is speaking. Our prayers are with you and the ministry God has given you.

    In His Name,
    LaShawn Scholl

  3. Good articles but cannot be read in the dark colors that it is in. Please put it in black and white.



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