Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grand Canyon

WOW, What a God !!!!
Yesterday we traveled all day to get to the Grand Canyon. The closer we got, the foggier it got. After finally arriving at our destination, it was so foggy we could not see anything. We started praying for the Lord to allow us to see the Canyon after traveling so far. Within minutes the most of the fog cleared and we were able to see the beauty of such a wonderful place that God created. It is so much more than just a big hole in the ground. It was amazing. Our children was so excited that God answered their prayer so fast. What a God!
After wards we traveled about two more hours to Page, Arizona. Nothing special about stopping there, it was just the closest town that had a hotel going toward Salt Lake City, Utah. We are going to be in Salt Lake Sunday.
Hopefully I will be able to write soon about the churches we have been to here soon.

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