Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Wow, what a year. 2008 was such a wirlwind for me and my family. I can not remember much about the first part of the year, before our trip to Nepal in February. But as soon as we got back from Nepal in February, things went so fast.
Telling and resigning the church at Milledgeville
selling our bar-b-que pit business
getting our presentation together (board, cards, dvd, etc.)
Chad making tons of phone calls
having two hugh yardsells and moving out of our house ( still not sold please pray)
moving in with my in-laws
learning to pack for all 7 of us on the many road trips
homeschooling while going down the road
wondering where the next bathroom is
traveling to 17 different states
shared our burden in 74 different churches
met so many wonderful people
spent time with old friends
holidays at home
As I write this post I am so excited about the ministry God has called Chad and our family to. I have loved every minute of this last year and looking forward to this next year.
I do pray that deputation will just last a little over a year and we are on the field by
October 2009.
Thank you all who have followed my blog and prayed for our family. We sure do need it.
Happy New Year

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