Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 2 !!!!

When we left Monday morning, January 19th we headed for El Paso, Texas to spend some time with some friends of ours, Bro. Wayne and Vicki Porter, missionaries to Juarez, Mexico. We had so much fun. They have two sons, Wesley and Jerod. John enjoyed spending time with them playing the guitar. We have known the Porters for several years. We spent Tue - Thur. with them.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we went into Juarez, Mexico. This was our first time to visit Mexico. It was so wonderful to see what God is doing there. We enjoyed services with them on Wednesday night. You can tell that God has changed their lives. I enjoyed their song service. The songs are so beautiful. Even though I did not know what they were saying. We were served authentic Mexican food both days. Surprisingly almost all of us liked it. I do have a few picky eaters.

On Thursday we just played. We went to White Sands Mission Range in New Mexico. It was so fun. The kids and "Kids at heart" rolled down the while dunes that are 3 stories high. We had so much fun and were very tired afterwards. We are still finding sand in our car.

Friday morning, Jan 23rd, we left El Paso at 6:00 and drove straight to Grand Canyon, Arizona.
It was worth the drive to see this "big hole in the ground" . We serve a mighty God.
After leaving Grand Canyon we drove to Page, Arizona. It was the first place to stay on our way to Payson, Utah. Nothing there, or so we thought. The next morning we headed for our new destination and turned the curve in the road and there was the Glen Canyon Dam. This may not seem like a big deal to you, it was for us especially Chad. He had wanted to go see the Hoover Dam, but it was no where near where we were going. We got out and took lots of pics and learned a lot in the visitor center. Thank you Lord for allowing us to see it.

We then stopped at lone rock at Lake Powell, what a sight.

Another stop was Coral Sands State Park somewhere along the way in Utah. The highlight of the whole trip for Caleb. With a little prodding he held a snake for the first time. The rest of us held it as well.

We went by Bryce Canyon on the way. It was incredible.

We arrive in Payson, Utah around 6:30 and enjoyed a Chinese meal with Bro. Kent Boykin and his wife. Bro. Kent is the pastor of Hope Baptist Church there is Payson, Utah. They came out here five years ago and have a good work for the Lord.

After services and lunch with the Boykins we traveled over the mountain to Price, Utah. I called my mother along the way and said it looked like a "winter wonderland" . It was beautiful . Snowing and lots of snow already on the ground. I enjoyed the sight while praying for safety the whole way. We don't get much snow in Tennessee and do not really know how to drive on it. Chad did a wonderful job.

That night we were at Grace Baptist Church in Price, Utah. The interim pastor is Bro. Shawn Clapp. He is a missionary to Spanish speaking people. While holding services in building on Sunday afternoon, after the pastor left he was asked to fill in until they call a new pastor. We enjoyed the many questions and interest in our ministry.

We then left and traveled another hour to Green Valley, Utah. We are staying with some friends Bro. Kirk and Paula Durham. We will be here until Wednesday, headed for Colorado.

This is by far the longest post I have ever posted. There has been lots to see and do. We are very tired but have enjoyed seeing this part of the county that the Lord created.

Stay tuned for the rest for of the trip.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful time you have been having. Those are some great photos, what memories!!

  2. I had to laugh out loud at the pic of the kids in the white sand- that really does look like snow! What a blessed memory to share and explore new parts of the country together. :-)


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