Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Climbing Higher and Saying Goodbyes.

We just heard from another church that has taken us on for support we are now at almost 55%. It is so neat to see God working.

On March the 1st we were with Emmanuel Baptist Church in Huron, TN. They are without a pastor now. We enjoyed seeing old friends and being close to home. Many memories at this place.

The hardest thing for our family on deputation is always having to say goodbye. You get so attached to people in such a short time, feel like you are a part of a church and then it is time to go. A lot of the time you know you may never see them again for four years or maybe never again. This has been very hard on our children.

My husband often tells the kids, "It is far better to have made a friend for a short time then to never have made one at all."
And a dear preacher friend of ours once told us, " We have all of eternity to spend together."

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  1. so sad.....about the friends you've made

    but praise the Lord about the support!!


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