Thursday, April 23, 2009

????????? QUESTIONS ON THE ROAD ???????????????

How many more miles till the next bathroom?

Where do we eat for lunch (which dollar menu sounds good today)?

Is anyone going to get car sick today?

Do we do school or just let them rest?

Why didn't I buy those noise reducer headphones?

How far do we have to travel today?

Will they have high speed Internet?

After you arrive to your destination

Where you have to sit to get the best Internet service?

Where is the light switch in the bathroom?

Do we have enough towels?

Where is the ice machine?

Will we have enough cover? ( forgot ours at home)

How do you set the air conditioner?

How many nights are we staying here?

Where is the church located?

Are there kids there for our to fellowship with?

Are we going to sing a special?

Where is the best place to do school?

Where is the post office?

The one I hear the most is

When are we going home?

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  1. Oh, Ms. Sandy...I remember all of those questions!!

    I'm afraid the question you hear the most will come even more frequently once you arrive in Nepal. Our kids like it here, but they still ask how much longer before we have furlough.


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