Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's washing time.

We just spent the last couple of hours washing and drying clothes in Wynn, Arkansas. The washer will hold up to 6 loads of clothes. It sure did cut down of my time. Also have internet service here. Yah Hoo.


  1. We never had to check out the laundromat while we lived there, but it is good to know for when we visit! Did I understand that right, that you can wash up to SIX loads of clothes in one washer AT THE SAME TIME? :~)

    Holly W.

  2. yes, that's what the sign on the washer said. I only had enough for about 3 loads.

  3. I never used those huge washers.....I've always been very specific about seperating my clothes by color shades. I would run about 5 or 6 of the small washers, but all at the same it didn't take much longer than using one big washer.

    I loved laundry mats...and I miss Gain detergent and Downy fabric softener.....I was thinking about that the other day. My girls always said they're clothes smelled good in America. They said it smelled like "mama's love".

    But here they're clothes smell like whatever happens to be drifting in the stink air outside!!

    You think I'm kidding....I'm not!

    Sure love you guys...and I love the pictures you've posted lately!

    Praise the Lord...Milledgeville has a pastor!

  4. Oh wow I remember all those laundry mats along the way. Sadly the ones we frequented didn't have those Big Daddy washers.

    And wifi, how cool is that?


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