Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yielding to His leading

This past weekend we spent with some friends of ours, the Bartolotta family, from Arkansas. Our time with this dear family is always something to look forward to. Their 2nd son, Seth, always gladly gives up his room for Chad and I to stay in. Their daughter Sarai and our girls usually whip up a delicious dessert, the fellowship is always sweet and refreshing, and I cannot forget to mention we get to enjoy wireless Internet. This is such a blessing when you are on the road. One of the "adventures" of most visits is time spent with their son Stephen as he walks his goats. Stephen is training his goats to show in the county fair. The name of the goats will tell you a little about the temperament of these four legged friends.

--Bonnie and Clyde--

The first goal is to get the leash attached to their collar. Today Stephen had the assistance of his mom, me and my daughter Sarah. The plan is to corner them, narrow in on them, grab their collar and hold on for dear life. The process went a lot smother this time. Sarah was actually able to catch both of them. With one task down, the next is to lead them around a designated course determined by Stephen. The first time I led Bonnie it seemed like it was the other way around. She was leading me. She was choosing our course and it was at a very fast pace. "No, you can't do that. Make her stop and do what you want her to do." This was the instructional words I was receiving. Now was the time for me to put my foot down. The time for me to stand my ground. With all I had I pulled back on the leash. Bonnie came to a halt and began making a choking sound. I immediately let loose and she made a dash for where ever she had in her mind. No, Bonnie, I am in charge. So I pulled back again. Same thing happened. I was so frustrated with her. Did she not know that if she would just yield to my leading, her life would be much easier? She would be able to enjoy a nice leisurely walk, eat the sweet grass I led her to, and take a cool drink of water when she arrived safe at home.

I wonder if God thinks the same thing about us. Our heavenly Father leads and guides us to the very best He has for us, but so many times we buck the system. We have set in our minds the way we think it should be done and go about accomplishing our goals not considering God at all. Wonder what would happen if we would listen for God's leading? Wonder if it would release the pressures of life? Wonder if we would feel safe and secure because we yield our will to His will? These are questions that you and I both know the answers to. GOD is so good to us. Why don't we just yield our lives to His leading? Listen to the still small voice, feel the cool breeze of His presence and enjoy the sweet fellowship.

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