Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Has someone every shared the gospel with YOU?

Yesterday we went to Casey Jones Restaurant in Jackson, TN with the Howeth family for lunch. Bro. Tony Howeth is the deputation director for Macedonia World Wide Missions. We had a wonderful time of fellowship during the meal and then later as we strolled through the store. Within the store is Wildlife in Wood Studio. The owner Hershell Dee Moss has a God-given talent in wood carving.
While admiring his work he began to tell us a story about his hunting partner. As the story progressed he shared with us about how he had led his friend to the Lord just weeks before his friend passed away. He then proceeded to share the gospel with us. No introductions were made before hand. He did not know that Chad and Bro. Tony were preachers. He just knew that God had brought someone in his path to share the gospel with. As all 12 of us stood around him, he presented a very clear presentation of the gospel from start to finish. When he was finished he made an appeal to always "close the deal". Just like a car salesman "closes the deal" we should always give someone the opportunity to make a decision about what they just heard. What are you going to do with this Jesus that was just presented to you?
Some are to plant, some are to water, and then when the opportunity presents itself we are to "close the deal"

What a blessing this man was to our family. We just finished a 4 day missions conference where we were encouraged about our responsible to reach the world and here in Jackson, TN a man shares the gospel with us and encourages us to use every opportunity God gives us.

Wow, What a blessing. This was the first time someone has ever shared the Gospel to me besides when I was saved.