Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas is almost here.

Where has the time gone. You knows it goes by fast when your 16 year old daughter talks about this year just flying by. That could be because our live has been a whirlwind since Feb. 08. I did not realize it had been a month since the last time I posted. It sure wasn't because I did not have anything to post. We have been very busy. A lot has been going on. Most of it has revolved around getting ready for Christmas. We have been listening to Christmas music for a month now, watched several Christmas movies, and decorated more this year that I ever have. I will try to post soon. I have just been enjoying being at home.


  1. Sandy...Happy Birthday!! (sorry we are late in sending this greeting :( We hope you have a great Christmas in TN !!! We love you guys!
    PS Give Anna our late birthday greetings, too :)
    And anyone else we forgot!

  2. It is here ,even if we are not ready,right??
    I think its great yall are going to be home for this time of the year, :o)
    Im going to be in tenn,the week after christmas,
    we hope to see snow :o)


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