Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Photo Flashback

We did have all 5 kids but Caleb was inside staying warm and cozy. Notice Anna ( 2 at the time). We had to put her in a chair for the picture. She did not want to be outside. Ages of kids: John 8, Sarah 6, Rachel 4, Anna 2, and Caleb 3 months

Ages John 11, Sarah 9, Rachel 7, Anna almost 5, Caleb almost 3

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Mama, she speaks your language."

This week we were at Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, IL., outside of Chicago. The last night we attended their International Dinner, where dishes were prepared from all over the world. After we filled our plates with intriguing new recipes, the search for a place to sit began. Since our children had already found their spot next to newly made friends, we only had to look for two chairs. Somewhere in the middle we saw a place across from a lady and her small children. I said hello to the young girl and settled in to our chairs, while Chad was getting our drinks. She immediately said, " Mama, she speaks your language." I did not know what to think. Come to find out her mother was from the south and we had the same southern twang. LOL. I never thought we had a different LANGUAGE in the south but I guess we do.
I came across this list as I was searching for a picture for this post. Hope you enjoy it.

Southern English Dictionary
This basic vocabulary guide to our language down here is offered as a gesture of our hospitality to visiting Northerners who truly want to be able to understand what it is that we're saying.

git - Get.
j'yoo - Did you? (Begins a question), i.e., "J'yoo go huntin' in Butcher Holler yesterday?"
mayrd - Married. i.e., "I heard that Bubba and Mary Jo got mayrd last week."
nanner puddin' - Bannana pudding.
Nawlins - Largest city in Louisiana. Known for it's jazz music and Mardi Gra Festival.
ruther - Rather.
buggy - A shopping cart
thang - Thing.
thar - There.
ustacould - Used to be able to, i.e., "Bubba ustacould sing til' he got that frog in his throat."
whar - Where.
wuz - Was. i.e., "I wuz goin' to work today, but I think I'll lay out and go do sum fishin.'"
youngin - A child. plural: youngins.
yawl - Contraction for you all. Sometimes written as y'all.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow days in Oklahoma !!!

Last week we were at Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for their missions conference. Here are some of the "snow" pictures. I will show other pics later. Global warming. LOL
Snow man the college boys built.

Anna warming up to John.

Caleb with Bro. Decker. They just got back from sleding.

The making of "SNOW CREAM"

John, Sarah , and Rachel

Sarah hates the cold.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Three Generations of Preachers

Tonight we were at our home church and our son John was preaching. His text was John 3:16. During the services, John's grandmother "Granny" started crying. This would be understandable seeing that she was listening to her grandson preach or that she had just recently lost her husband. Yesterday, 02/02, would have been their 47th wedding anniversary. However, after services Granny showed John why she had began to cry. Marked in the Bible pictured above were these recorded dates. The first date recorded was 02/19/06, where his grandfather, Jerry Sellers, had preached. The second was on 08/11/09 when his Daddy, Chad Sellers preached from the same passage. Tonight she marked -02/03/10 JMS (John Michael Sellers). Wow, what a heritage.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Where does time go?

Yesterday Sarah was looking at my blog and brought to my attention how long it has been since my last entry.

Where does time go?

So much is going on. We are in the last months before leaving to go to Nepal. There is so much that still needs to get done. With each crossed out line on my TO DO LIST, I seem to add 3 more.

Oh well, we are still alive and doing well. Prayerfully, I will do a better job staying in touch.

To Do List
Post a new blog entry CHECK lol