Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Photo Flashback

We did have all 5 kids but Caleb was inside staying warm and cozy. Notice Anna ( 2 at the time). We had to put her in a chair for the picture. She did not want to be outside. Ages of kids: John 8, Sarah 6, Rachel 4, Anna 2, and Caleb 3 months

Ages John 11, Sarah 9, Rachel 7, Anna almost 5, Caleb almost 3


  1. It's nice to see a happy close family. Just makes me wish that my family was like that.

  2. How sweet to have those memories,

    I wanted to sy it was so great seeing yall,once again its been so long:(
    Im sorry for me being so down, I was trying but it was so hard & still is,

    Please be praying for my sister that was with us on sunday, she needs to be saved ,,she came because it was our daddys b-day ,but she said about 10 times ,"the service was wonderful, IM SO GLAD I CAME" I watched her as we talked about the story on how yall was called to the field & when Jim was called to preach, she looked as though she dont understand but wants to,
    I love her so much cant wait till the day God saves her,

    Would you send me your e-mail please got some pictures I would love to email you from 5yrs ago.
    love you Becka

  3. Nice family photo. This is so sweet and beautiful.

  4. And now look how big and grown up everyone is! It sure does zip by, doesn't it?


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