Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Mama, she speaks your language."

This week we were at Northwest Bible Baptist Church in Elgin, IL., outside of Chicago. The last night we attended their International Dinner, where dishes were prepared from all over the world. After we filled our plates with intriguing new recipes, the search for a place to sit began. Since our children had already found their spot next to newly made friends, we only had to look for two chairs. Somewhere in the middle we saw a place across from a lady and her small children. I said hello to the young girl and settled in to our chairs, while Chad was getting our drinks. She immediately said, " Mama, she speaks your language." I did not know what to think. Come to find out her mother was from the south and we had the same southern twang. LOL. I never thought we had a different LANGUAGE in the south but I guess we do.
I came across this list as I was searching for a picture for this post. Hope you enjoy it.

Southern English Dictionary
This basic vocabulary guide to our language down here is offered as a gesture of our hospitality to visiting Northerners who truly want to be able to understand what it is that we're saying.

git - Get.
j'yoo - Did you? (Begins a question), i.e., "J'yoo go huntin' in Butcher Holler yesterday?"
mayrd - Married. i.e., "I heard that Bubba and Mary Jo got mayrd last week."
nanner puddin' - Bannana pudding.
Nawlins - Largest city in Louisiana. Known for it's jazz music and Mardi Gra Festival.
ruther - Rather.
buggy - A shopping cart
thang - Thing.
thar - There.
ustacould - Used to be able to, i.e., "Bubba ustacould sing til' he got that frog in his throat."
whar - Where.
wuz - Was. i.e., "I wuz goin' to work today, but I think I'll lay out and go do sum fishin.'"
youngin - A child. plural: youngins.
yawl - Contraction for you all. Sometimes written as y'all.


  1. oh my, that is too funny! and yes, there is a certain twang in the south although it varies in severity by state. tx is not nearly as bad as alabama or kentucky! lol

  2. That's SO true! I catch myself saying some of those exact things a lot! I think the one I say the most is co'mere-'come here' and the j'yoo I'm guilty of too!


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