Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow days in Oklahoma !!!

Last week we were at Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for their missions conference. Here are some of the "snow" pictures. I will show other pics later. Global warming. LOL
Snow man the college boys built.

Anna warming up to John.

Caleb with Bro. Decker. They just got back from sleding.

The making of "SNOW CREAM"

John, Sarah , and Rachel

Sarah hates the cold.


  1. Hey Girl,

    Just wanted to say Hi from frozen Spencer, Ohio. Been thinkin and prayin about you all alot lately. Just wanted to say "LOVE YA" & praying for ya.
    Miss Diana

    p.s. Hope this worked, never done this before.

  2. It worked. Thinking and praying for you as well. Since we are not doing MTS I are missing our Jan, Feb, March phone calls. LOL. Love ya all.

  3. oh wow, that just looks freezing cold! i'm with sarah!

  4. Hey, Was just looking at you blog GREAT :)
    If you could have a look at my blog if u have time i jsut started it...
    By the way.
    How do you do that background thing on your blog??
    The wrapping???


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