Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Three Generations of Preachers

Tonight we were at our home church and our son John was preaching. His text was John 3:16. During the services, John's grandmother "Granny" started crying. This would be understandable seeing that she was listening to her grandson preach or that she had just recently lost her husband. Yesterday, 02/02, would have been their 47th wedding anniversary. However, after services Granny showed John why she had began to cry. Marked in the Bible pictured above were these recorded dates. The first date recorded was 02/19/06, where his grandfather, Jerry Sellers, had preached. The second was on 08/11/09 when his Daddy, Chad Sellers preached from the same passage. Tonight she marked -02/03/10 JMS (John Michael Sellers). Wow, what a heritage.


  1. I am so about to cry, That is the sweetest thing I have heard all week,
    Our prayer is that God will some day call one of are both our twin boys to preach, Jim is the only preacher on his side that he knows of,But my granddaddy preached for about 20 years,And that would be so wonderful to feel what she is feeling right now,
    God is so Good,,

  2. It is good to know that you and yours help with given the Lords blessing to all.I hope that with all Cristians we can help others that need to hear the good news.

  3. Thanks for all you do.We all are doing our part to share the good news. I will thank you and yours.Christian's..we are


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