Thursday, January 27, 2011

Around the house

Caleb with another American boy that lives here and our helpers sons that get to come when they have a holy day at school.  Caleb still wears his overalls and work boots just about everyday even though he is far away from the South. 

Tea time on the roof.  The kids got me this tea set for Christmas and Anna is making full use of it being the hostess to friends from America that live here also.
The kids playing a game in our living room.  Notice all the Nepali signs for our language class.

Some of our neighbor kids.  They live the next house over.  They climb their wall most afternoons to play with us.

I just had to get this shot.  Sunning to get warm.  And I think a little tired from a day of play. 

Looking down from the roof.  Caleb wants to get up there first thing every morning. 

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  1. I LOVE LOVE, LOVE these pictures and the captions you have for each one. You can do this any time you want....giggle....

    Praying for you my sweet, precious friend.


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