Friday, January 7, 2011

Yes, we did make it to Nepal.

As you can see, we have made it to Nepal!!  We arrived on Oct. 29 over two months ago.  I can't believe I have not written anything on my blog this whole time.  It is not because there was nothing to write about.  There was more then you can imagine that has happened these last two months that you would be interested in hearing. Not because we are an interesting family, but this county is so very different then America it is so intriguing.  I will try to capture it in pictures and maybe,just maybe, I will start back blogging and share stories in time.
First Begger boy that asked me for money.  I gave him an American snack and told him that Jesus loved him.

John and his new friends enjoying the afternoon
The view going towards a village outside Kathmandu
I sure would not want to be these Monkeys.


  1. Hope everything is going well for you guys! We say a prayer for our missionaries on Wednesday nights in my 6-8 year old class. I have 2 that want to be missionaries when they grow up. :)
    You guys be careful-We are praying for you guys.

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for the update. We're so excited that you get to be there, working in the ministry to which God has called you!
    We have a meeting with the Brazilian consulate on Jan, 11 to apply for our visas and then we'll be headed out as soon as they are approved (six weeks or so?)

    God Bless and we'll be looking forward to more photos and updates! - Omar Schrock

  3. Hello! I am so glad you all made it there! I am Jillian Snyder and we met at Grace Baptist in Columbus, GA almost two years ago. We left the states a few weeks after we meet you all and have been in New Zealand ever sense! I have often wondered how you all are doing and I've prayed for you so I am so glad that I found your blog! Hope you all are settling in and getting used to life there, I know it takes awhile. Tell your girls I said hello! I'll keep praying for you and check in for updates! May God bless you all as you serve Him.


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