Sunday, January 9, 2011

Differences in Nepal, not Difficulties WATER

One of the biggest changes we have had to face in Nepal is water.  Anyone who lived close to us in Tennessee knows we used a lot of water.  Watered our yard after we planted grass, the kids made mud puddles to play in and we  just didn't  have to think about if we were  going to run out of water.  Well, it is not like that here in Nepal.  At least in our part of the city.  The city water comes every 4 days so during that time there is plenty to go around.  But only then.  That is when we take our looong hot shower and not feel bad about how long you are in there.  The other times we are very water conscience.  And you remember the old saying about flushing the commode "  If it's yellow, let it mellow and if it's brown flush it down."  Well, that is definitely put in practice here.  To conserve water.   
This is our neighbors water tank but ours looks the same.  Except our building has two. 
Another family from America lives above us.  Same process.  You pump water up  to the container to use for your house. 

Don't get me wrong.  I only did this once.  We were behind on laundry for some reason and I thought I would help the washer out and use less water.  I had several people watching me.  I'm sure I looked as ridiculous  as I felt. 

This is our washer.  It does a good job with the clothes. But very small, takes a long time and uses a lot of water.  One day we measured it.  It takes 50 liters per load. 


  1. Bless your heart Ms Sandy. I don't have to worry about running out of water, but we are sure that if we use it, we WILL pay for it!! Water isn't cheap.

    You know....I didn't really think we, as a family, were very wasteful. But within a few weeks of making Portugal my home, I realized why the rest of the world thinks Americans are spoiled and's beacause WE ARE.

    Lots of things have changed inside of our family. Since leaving the States almost 3 years ago.

    When you go home on furlough, you'll be shocked at the abundance of water at your disposal without even thinking about it. You'll be grateful for it, but at the same time a little uneasy because of the wasteful American lifestyle.

    I've learned so much....Portugal has taught me a lot....I've mellowed (like the pee in your potty! ha!)...and I'm thankful for it!

    Love ya'll bunches!!

  2. Wow. I know we're spoiled in America. I'm praying for y'all. We've started talking about y'all in our youth class on Wednesdays at Holy Hills.
    I'm sure God is going to bless y'all incredibly since y'all are willing to serve Him.
    :) Praying for y'all...

  3. PRAISE THE LORD YOU ARE SERVING HIM WITH A GREAT ATTITUDE! You keep your smile on your face. Super proud of you guys!!!


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